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Everyone loves a holiday! A little time off for some much-needed R & R can be exactly the thing to rejuvenate1 and refresh. That said, if you're struggling to think of your next destination then look no further. Don't waste time debating, let your blood decide.
Everybody has a lineage. Recently, finding out more about our family origins has become popular. By the start of 2019, 26 million people had taken an ancestry2 DNA3 test at home, according to a report by MIT Technology Review. They believe by 2021 this number will have risen to 100 million.
This trend has been noticed by opportunistic travel operators. Some are looking to provide a service that both allows people to trace their heritage - by literally4 going back to their roots - and travel to the destinations where their ancestors originated from.
Airbnb, an online lodging5 marketplace, recently partnered with 23andMe, a DNA testing and analysis company, to offer recommendations that encourage travellers to walk in the footsteps of their forefathers6. And they aren't the only ones.
The Shelbourne hotel in Dublin has its own 'genealogy7 butler'. Hellen Kelly offers consultations8 to help guests trace their Irish line of descent using official records. This allows them to 'fill in the blanks of their Irish ancestry', she told Good Morning America.
The Conte Club, a luxury travel company, offers custom itineraries9 based on DNA tests. 'These experiences are about delving10 deeper into who we really are,' says Conte Club CEO Rebecca Fielding in an article in the Condé Nast Traveller. 'It might be the most meaningful trip we can take.'
So next time you think of going on vacation, why not take a DNA test first? Once you know how far your family has come, take the time to holiday back.


1 rejuvenate oVVxn     
  • The mountain air will rejuvenate you.山里的空氣會使你恢復活力。
  • Exercise is perhaps the most effective way to rejuvenate your skin.鍛煉可能是使皮膚恢復活力的最好手段。
2 ancestry BNvzf     
  • Their ancestry settled the land in 1856.他們的祖輩1856年在這塊土地上定居下來。
  • He is an American of French ancestry.他是法國血統的美國人。
3 DNA 4u3z1l     
(縮)deoxyribonucleic acid 脫氧核糖核酸
  • DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.脫氧核糖核酸儲存于細胞的細胞核里。
  • Gene mutations are alterations in the DNA code.基因突變是指DNA密碼的改變。
4 literally 28Wzv     
  • He translated the passage literally.他逐字逐句地翻譯這段文字。
  • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint.有時候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,決不肯坐下來。
5 lodging wRgz9     
  • The bill is inclusive of the food and lodging. 賬單包括吃、住費用。
  • Where can you find lodging for the night? 你今晚在哪里借宿?
6 forefathers EsTzkE     
n.祖先,先人;祖先,祖宗( forefather的名詞復數 );列祖列宗;前人
  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left. 它們是我們祖先留下來的最寶貴的文化遺產。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • All of us bristled at the lawyer's speech insulting our forefathers. 聽到那個律師在講演中污蔑我們的祖先,大家都氣得怒發沖冠。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
7 genealogy p6Ay4     
  • He had sat and repeated his family's genealogy to her,twenty minutes of nonstop names.他坐下又給她細數了一遍他家族的家譜,20分鐘內說出了一連串的名字。
  • He was proficient in all questions of genealogy.他非常精通所有家譜的問題。
8 consultations bc61566a804b15898d05aff1e97f0341     
n.磋商(會議)( consultation的名詞復數 );商討會;協商會;查找
  • Consultations can be arranged at other times by appointment. 磋商可以通過預約安排在其他時間。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
  • Consultations are under way. 正在進行磋商。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
9 itineraries ea7fc6173314bb82d2fae58bab9350e3     
n.旅程,行程( itinerary的名詞復數 )
  • Submit weekly status reports and monthly itineraries to Region Vice President. 每周遞交工作報告,每月遞交工作計劃給總經理。 來自互聯網
  • Big Ticket ItemsBig Savings-Complex international itineraries can offer opportunities for significant savings. 復雜線路節省更多:復雜的國際航線其實有更多的省錢機會。 來自互聯網
10 delving 7f5fe1bc16f1484be9c408717ad35cd1     
v.深入探究,鉆研( delve的現在分詞 )
  • He has been delving into the American literature of 20th century. 他一直在潛心研究美國20世紀文學。 來自互聯網
  • In some ways studying Beckett is like delving into Shakespeare's words. 在某些方面,研究Beckett的戯好像是深入研究莎士比亞的語句。 來自互聯網
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