ڣ2020-07-13 һʲôͬλZ ɂָͬһ˻ľӳɷַͬλÕrһӳɷfһӳɷֵôfõľӳɷ־ͽһɷֵͬλZͨһcጾǣ~~~~ʲôݵ... xȫ>>

ڣ2020-05-13 СĵĻ˼·ǿY㿴ĺ ķքeMпYͿxµĻYǣһ^cڶĶνo֧ ֽYҲһÿһζxh^ ٝxĿYҲҪͬĽY... xȫ>>

ڣ2020-05-13  1. }ͣlʸߵУ 1/ Agree or disagree (^cxһ) 2/ xһ The most important factor that affects the lasting time of a friendship is: 1) Helping the other when a crisis happens; 2) Having the same interests; 3) Trusting each other... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-12 f¾ҏ}xȡ󲿷ց}x @ЩӺеصӢZ_ʽҴ^LďͺϾFժMbxZБԓͬrҲЎֹܕһЩƴe`ՈՏ... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-10 26.get egg on one's face еߐu Steve didn't expect to win .He just didnt want to get egg on his face . 27.a white elephant µĽӋMoõ This project is completely a white elephant 28.a big fish Ҫɫ The... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-10 1.have an ace in the hole ,а When you have the ace in your hand,you have something which you can use to gain an advantage when you need it. have an ace in the hole(American) 2.a class act \ӻˇ棩ܳɫ I have been tra... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 ھTOEFLrԅʹ 1.a(Addition) in addition, furthermore, again, also, besides, moreover, what`s more, similarly, next, finally. 2.^(Comparison) in the same way, likewise, similarly, equally, in comparison, just as 3.(Contr... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 Known in previous incarnations 黯as Byzantium ռͥand Constantinople ʿ̹, the ancient city of Istanbul has over the past few decades grown a healthy cosmopolitan skin. Turkey had an economic good time in the 1980s th... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 make out - manage;get along mean to - intentional; on purpose might as well - to have no strong reson not to next to nothing - almost nothing; very inexpensive not to mention - in addition off balance - unaware; off guard on the go - working or doin... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 far cry form - completely different from;a long way feel like - have a desire or wish for feel up to - feel well enough to or be capabele of few and far between - not happening often; rate figure out - determine; reason out by thinking fill in for -... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 above all - most importantly account for - explain as a matter of fact - in fact ,to speak the truth as a rule - generally ;normally about to - be ready to;be on the point of doing something an old hand - be an experienced persom any day now -soon a... xȫ>>

ڣ2009-01-04 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 2. Of the millions who saw Haleys comet in 1986, how many people will live long enough to see it return in the twenty-first century. 3. Anthropologists hav... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-12-30 1. IJɔ~ furniture luggage clothing equipment poetry jewelry machinery weaponry scenery information knowledge homework evidence foliage advertising health A : w air water B: ww rice salt C: ~ information D: Q~ poet... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-12-29 R]Ƭ Hollywood blockbuster Sr prime time ٳ lip-synch power shot cheering squad @ʾԒC caller ID telephone ՓĴq (thesis) oral defense ĭ bubble economy Ʊ؜ scalper, ticket tout ȭ^aƷ competitive prod... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27 һи Y}ͣ PART A1--30TԒ PART B31--38/39TL(ƪ)-------څݣZ׃g׃ PART C39/40--50T(ƪ)-------ݣ PARTԣ 1PART A (1)c Ҫ ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27 ͨ^ԌWTOFEL ˮƽһֱЇPĵĆ}ҽoҵĽhǣһζ sXǴee ˮƽHc ɺ쾚̶Pc fxgȷľCԼĻ˽̶P ˮƽ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27  Ǖwώ ǣrԃɿֱϾWӢZI@ӢZ|ِȫһȪvbِһvԇcC~R յȿԇĿо̫ɵWվӑՓWԇxʽи ӖwS~... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27 1 be by 2 be capable of 3 be close to 4 be critical of 5 be done with 6 be down 7 be enthusiastic about 8 be excused from 9 be familiar with 10 be filled with 11 be finished 12 be finished with 13 be free of 14 be free to 15 be hard on 1 be hard on s... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27 1 basic course 2 basketball game 3 bathing suit 4 be a mystery to someone 5 be/feel under the weather 6 be/run low 7 be about to 8 be absent from school 9 be absorbed in 10 be accustomed to 11 be acquainted with 12 be addicted to 1 be all in a day's... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-10-27 1 as well 2 ask for 3 ask for a refund 4 ask somebody for a ride 5 at all 6 at hand 7 at home 8 at home with 9 at least 10 at once 11 at one time 1 at the bus station 2 at the end of 3 at the most/at most 4 at your service 5 at this point 6 audition... xȫ>>

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