ڣ2008-07-15 ӆ؛@hԓxɹh,҂c֮͑gĽ׿Ҫ 1. We'd like to order your products. We'll send our official order today. ҂ӆゃ؛ʽӆ 2. Did you get our order for your telephones? Ƿյ҂ӆ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 1.acceptance ٝͬ 2.acquaintance RDzǺ 3.anniversary o 4.associate 1ͬ 2“ 5.banquet ϯʽ 6.commitment ZSZ 7.courtesy YòYx 8.distinguished ׿Խܳ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 occupation šλ vacancy λ business office k pay leave ݼ head office ˾ branch office ֹ˾ sales department Iղ accounting department Ӌ promotion w demotion sign up úϼs dismissal president L gene... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 account ׌ close a deal ɽ make a contract s break a contract s exhibition չʾ presentation l bilateral trade p߅Q car shipment ܇ collapse Q dumping AN embargo ֹͨ fiscal year Ӌ gain compliance @... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 bar graph lD line graph D pie graph ΈD opinion survey { demographics ˿ڽyӋ exchange rate R׃ birth rate approval rate ֧ findings {Y advanced age g alternative amount to _ at the age of ښq... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 bank account balance yеĴ real estate transaction خa credit card ÿ utilities ˮ늚M currency exchange ؛ŃQ as long as ֻҪ as many as _ as much as һӶ checking account ڴ acute J affluent S approval r... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 special offer u fare change r׃ arrival of a guest FeL across-the-broad ȫP admission fee M air fare M assembly h attraction ֮ claim collapse ߽ condition lr current fare FЃr deficit-ridden... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 affiliation annual wage increase н{ call for Ҫ collective bargaining w contract ͬ convention cooperation coordination f{ employee ͆T employer ͹ labor ڹ labor accident ڹĺ labor contract ڹͬ manag... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 action plan ЄӋ afterward-looking posture ˑB approve protocol ʅfh assume office bilateral trade ɇgQ coalition government “ economic summit forward-looking posture ǰհˑB in favor of ֧ incumben... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 assused allegedly Q a stay of executive aviation history ʷ break out in ڰl casualty collide with c_ײ crack crash C damages pr defendant derail Ó܉ devastating ƉԵ drawing 麞 emergency land... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 line F· passenger car ܇ freight car ؛܇ dining car ܇ conductor ˄ՆT express train ܇ local train ܇ junction ܇м~վ transfer D on/behind/ahead of schedule ʕr/c/ǰ one-way trip ticket γƱ round-trip ticket ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 baseball football ʽ soccer Ӣʽ tennis W volleyball table tennis ƹ swimming scuba diving fishing ~ surfing _ sailing ِ water-skiing ˮ rowing sledding ѩ skating horseback riding TR hiking... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 1.access Mӽʹȡ 2.automatically oRXԄӵ 3.cable || 4.compliance 혏 5.cutting edge Jhλ ˵ 6.delete h 7.digital λ@ʾ 8.download d 9.hacker X... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 shower storm L rainstorm 걩 rainfall rain cats and dogs A hail lightening rod fog F sleet Aѩ heavy showfall ѩ blizzard Lѩ breeze ΢L tornado L wind velocity L temperature thermometer ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 97 preservative 98 proofread УУ 99 prospectus ӋfĽɕ Prospect ǰ 100 pushcart ܇ = Cart 101 quote r 102 ravenous I؝ Rave 103 refreshment c 104 reimburse ߀a Re + im + burseX 1... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 64 invoice lƱl؛ɹΣД̓rX 65 itemize Ԕe֗le Item lĿ 66 itinerary г̱ó 67 jaywalk ؽͨҎtԽR·Jt jay-ɵɵ·Jt 68 jeopardy LUΣUΣy Jeopardize Σ 69 jet... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 34 cruise ˴[ 35 cuisine { 36 curriculum vitae Ěv Vita ˺v?Ļ 38 cutting edge Jhλ ˵ 39 default `s 40 delicacy ΢ 41 depreciation rHֵ 42 dissuade Dissuade sb. from = Persuade sb. not... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 1 acrophobia ָ߰Y Acro-phobia-֑ 2 affiliate ֧֕ӹ˾ 3 aperitif ǰ Aperient aˎ 4 appetizer _θ 5 ASAP =as soon as possible ԽԽ 6 baggage claim I̎ 7 banner Z ֹbanNZ 8 bill of lading... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 91. disgust He turned away in disgust. ذĘD_ 92. distance My house is within easy walking distance of the shops. Ҽx̵ܽߎײ͵ 93. distribution They could not agree about the distribution of the profits. ... xȫ>>

ڣ2008-07-15 81. design The building seats 2000 people but is poor in design. @жǧλOӋܲ He has designs on that young girl. ZǂpŮɵע 82. desire He has no desire for wealth. ؔo I hope you will ge... xȫ>>

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