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It was vacationing on the Greek island of Corfu for about a month in August of 1992. I rent a motorcycle and head into the interior of the island in search of isolated1 trails and sleepy villages. I rode for hours along dirt trails flanked by bright yellow wildflowers, over steep and rugged2 hills, and past wide fields where farmers struggled to grow anything that would take root in the barren, rocky soil. I had to keep a close watch on the gas tank because there were no gas stations anywhere except at the village where I had rented the motorcycle. At half a tank, I had no choice but to turn back.
The needle had just hit halfway3 and I was turning around to head back when I noticed an old cemetery4 in the distance, far away from any village or other sign of habitation. I decided5 to stretch my legs before beginning the long trip home. I rode to the gate, killed the engine and laid the bike down. As I passed through the creaky, wrought6 iron gate, I couldn't help but notice how silent the place was. I had to whistle to reassure7 myself that I hadn't gone deaf. There were only a few hours of daylight left and a strong wind was blowing, stirring the overgrown grass which partially8 obscured the scattered9 tombstones.
In Greece, people aren't always buried. The bodies of the deceased are usually laid to rest inside marble tombs above ground with lids that can be easily lifted or slid aside. This tugged10 at my heart more than anything else - to see the faces of the people buried there as they were in life; their warm smiles and the kindness in their eyes. I spent a long time wandering around, kneeling in the grass next to the graves, talking to the people lying there and wondering how their lives had been.
When I walked to the rear edge of the cemetery, an unusual sight caught my eye - a tomb that was twice as large as any of the others. When I looked inside the cabinet, I found out why. There was a photograph of a young couple with their arms around each other, laughing. The date of their deaths, etched in the stone, were identical. Apparently11, they were married and had died together in some kind of an accident. They had been laid in each other's arms inside the tomb. I can't relate all the feelings I had while looking at that picture of them together, bursting with youthful energy, their eager smiles full of excitement and anticipation12 of their lives together.
A line from a poem by Andrew Marvell crossed my mind -"The grave is a fine and private place but none, I think, do there embrace."I hoped it wasn't true.
A white marble cross that marked their graves had been broken off at the base, perhaps by vandals or a lightning bolt, and had fallen on the ground at the head of the tomb. Small, orange wildflowers were growing up around it. This might not have been so unusual except for the fact that they were the only flowers growing anywhere in the cemetery. The contrast of these symbols of life and springtime next to a symbol of death was so striking, I decided to take a photograph of it.
I took my camera out of my backpack and started looking for a good angle for the photograph but couldn't find one. I decided that the best angle would be from the top of the tomb looking straight down at the cross, but I felt that standing13 on it would be disrespectful so I took a few shots from other angles. Unsatisfied, I said to the young couple buried there, "Excuse me. I don't mean any disrespect but I'd just like to stand on your tomb for a second to take a picture of your flowers. I hope you don't mind."
Hoping I had won their approval, I stood on the lid and took the photo from the angle I wanted. I can't recall feeling any cold sensations or chills other than the ones I was already riddled14 with due to my overactive imagination. I stepped down from the tomb and said thank you. Before I left, I picked up their cross and put it back in place on their tomb. The break was clean so it fit like a puzzle piece.
The sun was setting quickly and I was worried about finding my way back in the dark, so I decided to head home. I walked through the creaky, old gate again and kick-started the motorcycle. After being immersed in such profound silence for so long, the noise of the engine seemed louder than ever.


1 isolated bqmzTd     
  • His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. 他的不良行為只是個別事件。
  • Patients with the disease should be isolated. 這種病的患者應予以隔離。
2 rugged yXVxX     
  • Football players must be rugged.足球運動員必須健壯。
  • The Rocky Mountains have rugged mountains and roads.落基山脈有崇山峻嶺和崎嶇不平的道路。
3 halfway Xrvzdq     
  • We had got only halfway when it began to get dark.走到半路,天就黑了。
  • In study the worst danger is give up halfway.在學習上,最忌諱的是有始無終。
4 cemetery ur9z7     
  • He was buried in the cemetery.他被葬在公墓。
  • His remains were interred in the cemetery.他的遺體葬在墓地。
5 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.這使他們比對手具有明顯的優勢。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英國人和中國人打招呼的方式有很明顯的區別。
6 wrought EoZyr     
  • Events in Paris wrought a change in British opinion towards France and Germany.巴黎發生的事件改變了英國對法國和德國的看法。
  • It's a walking stick with a gold head wrought in the form of a flower.那是一個金質花形包頭的拐杖。
7 reassure 9TgxW     
  • This seemed to reassure him and he continued more confidently.這似乎使他放心一點,于是他更有信心地繼續說了下去。
  • The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe.航空公司盡力讓乘客相信飛機是安全的。
8 partially yL7xm     
  • The door was partially concealed by the drapes.門有一部分被門簾遮住了。
  • The police managed to restore calm and the curfew was partially lifted.警方設法恢復了平靜,宵禁部分解除。
9 scattered 7jgzKF     
  • Gathering up his scattered papers,he pushed them into his case.他把散亂的文件收拾起來,塞進文件夾里。
10 tugged 8a37eb349f3c6615c56706726966d38e     
v.用力拉,使勁拉,猛扯( tug的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • She tugged at his sleeve to get his attention. 她拽了拽他的袖子引起他的注意。
  • A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. 他的嘴角帶一絲苦笑。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
11 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山窮水盡,豁然開朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他對那個消息顯然感到十分驚異。
12 anticipation iMTyh     
  • We waited at the station in anticipation of her arrival.我們在車站等著,期待她的到來。
  • The animals grew restless as if in anticipation of an earthquake.各種動物都變得焦躁不安,像是感到了地震即將發生。
13 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
14 riddled f3814f0c535c32684c8d1f1e36ca329a     
  • The beams are riddled with woodworm. 這些木梁被蛀蟲蛀得都是洞。
  • The bodies of the hostages were found riddled with bullets. 在人質的尸體上發現了很多彈孔。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
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